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We offer the following software:

  • Elementary Spell to learn the alphabet and touch-typing

  • Beginner Spell to teach spelling to the youngest children

  • Easy Spell to learn spelling in the shortest time

  • Logic Spell to teach dyslexic students

  • Power Spell to learn 10.000 English words

  • Champion Spell to become a spelling bee champion

  • Universal Spell to learn customised spelling lists.

How Fohandnag's Spelling System works?

  • Firstly it tests your spelling and records any misspelled word by means of bookmarks. The list of bookmarks is created automatically while you are practising. This feature allows you to concentrate later only on the words which you have misspelled.

  • Secondly it encourages you to spell properly even if you think spelling is impossible. You have to type the words correctly otherwise you will not be able to proceed, so it is challenging like learning to walk.

  • Thirdly it drastically accelerates the process of learning by repeating continuously only misspelled words until the spelling is mastered.

  • Lastly it evaluates your progress by means of the Score Section, so you will always know if there is room for improvement and if you are ready for the next level.

Our online spelling course is just a simple presentation of Fohandnag's System. The full program enables you to print the Score and add or delete Bookmarks. It also allows you to learn Bookmarked words the next day, as all of them are recorded on your computer, so you will save a lot of time by learning only the words you need to focus on.

Try out our online spelling course and enjoy learning and playing.

What you gain after you finish Fohandnag's Spelling Course?

  • Become the best speller in your class or a spelling bee champion

  • Improve your reading skills (there is high correlation between spelling and reading) and pronunciation

  • Express freely in writing your thoughts and feelings without narrowing your vocabulary

  • Never be embarrassed again because of bad spelling, there are many times both personally and professionally when we ought to send hand-written communications, like sending postcards

  • Improve your motivation to study by increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Brushing up on your spelling skills will make a huge difference to your chances of finding a job and getting ahead at work

  • Write freely on line in real time with friends or your sweetheart like a poet

Try out our online spelling course and enjoy learning and playing.

By using our software you will master spelling skills in no time. It is the quickest, and most economical way to learn currently available on the market and, moreover, it is fun. Just by playing one increases one’s spelling skills automatically.

The benefit of learning is immediate and the motivation to learn is increased. It compels people to learn again and again until perfection is reached and great spelling skill is achieved. Try it out and enjoy learning and playing.

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